MAM presents the world's first grey wooden watch made with maple wood

Be the first or be the best. Gone are the times when the world was simply black and white. At MAM Originals, we not only believe in the existence of gray area, but in the wide range of possibilities that it has to offer us. We believe that it is possible to invest in innovation without renouncing quality and sustainability. Thanks to this philosophy, we are proud to present our latest creation: the first totally grey wooden watch on the market. After months of research, we managed to develop a natural oxidation process free of environmentally harmful chemicals that turns the typical beige tone of maple wood into a beautiful pale grey.

This process involves oxidizing the wood by exposing it to a high amount of oxygen, which changes its color. This is a non-toxic process that imitates the natural aging of wood. We do not use any type of varnish, paint, or chemical substances to achieve this beautiful effect.

The VOLCANO 612 and SILT 606 watches are the fruits of this process. Both share the grey color in their sphere and in the maple wood from which they are made. Same essence, different styles. The VOLCANO 612 comes with a 40mm dial and re steel accents, while the SILT 606 features a 34mm dial and matte rose gold accents.

For the creation of our first gray wooden watch, we use maple wood from Canada. As with all MAM watches, the wood arrives in its natural state, without artificial treatments or chemical products used on our wood. The wood we use in the manufacturing of our watches is validated by the FSC seal that guarantees sustainability for both the planet and the people in it.

There are 125 maple species in the world. They grow in North America, Europe, and Asia. The maple wood we use to create a MAM watch comes from Canada. In Canada, the maple leaf is a symbol so important that it appears on the country’s flag. In North America, maple is associated with longevity and vigor, while in countries like Japan, it is associated with peace, calm, and serenity. In the latter country, there is even a species of tiny maple tree: the five-pointed maple bonsai.

Get the first grey watch on the market by MAM here.

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