Trans Collection
Gold Hand Rings & Ear Cuffs

Gold Hand Rings & Ear Cuffs

MAM is proud to introduce you to this genderless collection. The Trans Collection is a blend of silver and gold hand rings and ear cuffs that are completely unisex. Mix and match our trans jewelry in unique ways to discover the same versatility and spirit that’s also inherent in our other jewelry and accessories. We’re about challenging the status quo and escaping the confines of conforming to the norm. Learn more about how our jewelry can help you express your own individuality.

Unique Hand Rings & More

The gold and silver hand rings from MAM are completely original designs that take the traditional bracelet and ring formation, alter it and reimagine it into something alluring and distinct. The three-piece gold hand ring adorns your wrist and fingers.

The first piece hugs your wrist diagonally with a single thread of recycled gold. The second band wraps around your fingers and extends outward with a thumb ring connected by a chain. The third piece is a ring that fits three of your fingers at the same time.

Wear all the pieces on one hand or play with space and structure when you break up the pieces between both. We offer the pieces independently, so you can customize the way you wear your gold or silver hand ring even more.

Specialty Ear Jewelry

Earrings don’t only belong in your ear lobe. We’re constantly exploring new places and configurations for ear accessorization with bold shapes and playful designs. Our trans jewelry breaks boundaries and provides new avenues for self-expression.

At MAM, we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Part of that challenge for us means allowing you to collaborate in choosing how to wear your jewelry and accessories. With more wearability and flexibility than any other styles you’ve ever seen, you can take pride in the way you choose to wear our designs. Shop at MAM to express yourself with transcendent jewelry today.

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